Galvanized Fence Pipe For Steel Building

Galvanized Fence Pipe For Steel Building

Product Size Production Line Tianjin Tianyingtai Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd is located in Jinahai,Tianjin,which is professional engaged in steel production,sales,steel processing and export business.We have 10 production lines for varous kinds of steel pipe.We can produce 500,000 tons of various sizes...

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Product Details

Product Size

Round Pipe
Norminal Diameter Size Diameter(mm) WT(mm)



DN15 1/2" 20 0.6-2.2
DN20 3/4" 20 0.6-2.2
    25.4 0.6-2.2
DN25 1" 32 0.6-2.2
    38 1.0-2.2
DN32 1 1/4" 40 1.0-2.2
    42 1.0-2.3
DN40 1 1/2" 47 1.0-2.3
    48 1.0-2.3
DN50 2" 59 1.0-2.3
    60.3 1.0-2.3
DN65 2 1/2" 75 1.0-2.3
DN80 3" 87 1.0-2.3
DN100 4" 113 1.0-2.3



Production Process Flow Chart

The process of steel pipe production is as below.First,we should uncoiling the galvanized steel strip,then carry out cutting& butt welding,then the galvanized steel strip enter the storage box,the machine will make it forming,then welding into steel pipe,then do zinc supplement in welded seam,then water cooling.The square tube should be reforming,then sizing&straightening,then cutting into required length,then marking,then passivation and oiling to prevent the pipe from rusting.Finally,we will packing the pipe and taging,then weight checking and trucking.



Product qualification

We have kinds of certifications,you could see them in first page (about us) of the website.And we have own

laboratory to test the qualification.

实验室内部全景.jpg 化学检测室.jpg





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