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2018 Steel Production Capacity / Yield Estimates
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Billet :It is estimated that billet  monthly sales will be reduced by about 105 tons|Compared with the same period of last year,which has decreaseed  2.37%.

Construction Steel: It is estimated that Annual production will be 240 million tons.Long-term business companies increase 2.3 million tons,short-term business companies increase 17.5 million tons.The amount of rebars increased nearly 20 million tons throughout the year.

Hot rolled coil:Large steel production capacity continues to expand. Hot-rolled capacity is 250 million tons.Compare to 2017,increase One hundred million tons.Comapre to last year,increase about 4%.

Cold rolled coil:A large number of cold-rolled production line continue to put production.In North China,Tangshan, fengnan,create a million cold-rolled base.Annual output,1.35,2.20,3 million tons

Three cold-rolled galvanized project actively preparing for the construction. In northeast,December 2017,AGPT normal cold rolled Officially restore the production design, And that's capacity is 10,000 tons.It is estimated that,BGZJ will  put into trial production of single-rack production line 2018-2019.Tentative production capacity of 500,000 tons.

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